About the Artist

Beyond a love of music, passion for connection drives singer/songwriter Janely Ramos. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Janely serves as a worship leader, recording artist and a voice for teen girls everywhere.

I have been singing since the age of 7 and leading worship since I was 13. Singing had always been my comfort and form of expression. But in my middle to late teens my love for singing and leading worship crumbled apart when I began to develop an anxiety for the stage and every social interaction. Out of nowhere, I became extremely insecure, unsure – questioning everything about myself, which left me feeling vulnerable in front of others. I wanted nothing to do with people, and especially nothing to do with singing. So I isolated myself and turned down every opportunity and invitation to sing. What once was my love, became my nightmare.

I lived under this fear for a couple years before I broke down – I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I had a special calling over my life and so much to give but I couldn’t seem to look my fears in the eye and conquer them- at least not alone. I fell on my knees one night and cried out to God asking him to heal me, and save me from my fears. I heard in a voice not my own “trust me, I am with you, and where you fall short, I will carry you.” I knew at that point that I needed to just bungie jump, I knew I had God by my side and that I was not alone and so I began to say “yes” to the things that terrified me.

I began leading worship again, praying publicly, and ultimately finding who I am, my passion and drive. My love for singing grew again and every time I step foot on any stage I am forever reminded of God’s miraculous power to heal and save! What I do today and what I continue to do is a miracle!

In 2012, Janely began touring with an organization called Tiaras. Tiaras shares a message of self-worth and empowerment with pre-teen and teenage girls — a story¬†that Janely herself relates to very strongly. Inspired by the Tiaras girls, Janely spent 2015 focused on creating and releasing her debut EP, Between Me & You (a portion of all EP proceeds goes back to Tiaras). You can check out the EP here.¬†For more info on Tiaras, visit their website.

Psalm 9:11
Sing praises to The Lord enthroned in Zion, and proclaim among the nations what he has done.

Dear 25, you loved to plunge me into the limbo where neither grip or control exists.You plunged me into the unknown more often than I was comfortable with. I have never felt more free fall and undefined than with you lol... However, you taught me to trust, surrender, to be strong, take risks, and above all- to be courageous. I learned so much from you and ultimately, as a result- leaving you further refined. You will definitely be remembered as one of the most sharpening years so far, and for that I cherish you - while I also welcome YOU, 26! ....and all that 25 prepared you for : )Pic Slider
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